Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flashback: Viva Las Vegas!

{Fresh flower globes sent their delicate scent through the foyer at the Wynn.}

In May of 2009, I took a road-trip from San Diego (where I was visiting my Uncle) to Las Vegas.  Recognized as the gambling/partying capital of the country, I doubted my enjoyment of the city- I'm definitely more homebody than party girl.
It was a pleasant surprise to find Vegas has more to offer than casinos and clubs.  My husband and I lucked out with a high-rise corner room at the Wynn, where bay windows offered an amazing view of the strip.  A lively atmosphere combined with phenomenal shows, top-rated restaurants, and hotels each more glamorous than the last made Vegas a rest-stop I'll never forget.

{Gazing up through the glass at the Lion Exhibit in the MGM Grand.}

{Chihuly Glass adorned the Bellagio ceiling.}

{Walking like an Egyptian outside of the Luxor.}

{Iceland Poppies were my instant favorite at the Bellagio Flower Garden.}

{Famous Fountains outside of the Bellagio Hotel.  So beautiful!}


  1. What amazing photos - I've never been but it's certainly on the list! xx

  2. Oh these photos are so beautiful!I've never been there but I hope so!