Friday, March 18, 2011


Personally, I think the entryway to a home is one of the most important places to showcase your style.
As the first spot a guest sees, it's often a snapshot representation of the whole house.
As evidenced here & here, my husband and I purchased an older home and made several updates to the space.
Throughout this process, there were several moments (when the amount of work felt overwhelming) that I wished we'd bought a house in a new development- one that was actually move-in ready.
However, an older home provided us an established neighborhood with lush landscaping.
 Unless we planned to build our house from the ground-up, it seemed newer developments had trouble competing with the charm of older neighborhoods.
In our foyer, we took a sledgehammer to the brick and ripped out the antiquated wood paneling and trim/baseboards. 
We replaced the brick with the wood-shaped tiles that run through much of our home, and opened up the room with a simple white column in place of the wood paneling.
After a fresh coat of paint, a new light fixture (my husband calls it a PF Chang's light), & a romantic art piece, the space is good as new! 

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