Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rainy Day Blues

Starting with Monday's movie marathon, my week has felt increasingly non-productive. 
 The weather has been atrocious, and I've barely ventured outdoors.
Since I've felt unmotivated to do an Outfit post (or anything else,) I'll share my musical inclinations.
Below are 10 songs I never shuffle through on my Ipod, along with an accompanying lyric.

John Mayer- Gravity
"Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me
And gravity has taken better men than me (now how can that be?)"

Jack Johnson- Better Together
"There's no combination of words
I could put on the back of a postcard,
No song that I could sing
But I can try for your heart,
Our dreams, and they are made out of real things, 
Like a shoebox of photographs,
With sepia-tone loving,
Love is the answer
At least for most of the questions in my heart..."

Something Corporate- Globes & Maps
"And dreams came around you in a hazy rain
You opened your mouth wide to feel them fall
And I write a letter, from a one-way train
But i don't think you'll read it at all"

Death Cab For Cutie- Lack of Color
"And when I see you
I really see you upside down
but my brain knows better
it picks you up and turns you around
turns you around
turns you around
If you feel discouraged
that there's a lack of color here
please don't worry lover
it's really bursting at the seams
absorbing everything
the spectrum's a to z"

Matchbox Twenty- You Won't Be Mine
"Take your head around the world
See what you get
From your mind
Write your soul down word for word
See who's your friend
Who is kind
It's almost like a disease
I know soon you will be

Over the lies, you'll be strong
You'll be rich in love and you will carry on
But no - oh no
No you won't be mine"

Damien Rice- Delicate
"We might kiss when we are alone
When nobody's watching
We might take it home
We might make out when nobody's there
It's not that we're scared
It's just that it's delicate"

Jason Mraz- If It Kills Me (Acoustic)
"Well all I really wanna do is love you
A kind much closer than friends use
But I still can't say it after all we've been through
And all I really want from you is to feel me
As the feeling inside keeps building
And I will find a way to you if it kills me
If it kills me"

The Honorary Title- Petals
"Petals broke from tips of roses hidden underneath my arm
All the framed, different poses of places I'll soon forget
That I'll soon forget

Tell me again that part how you didn't feel a thing
That part how you never actually really ever did
And lift yourself from my grip
But don't fall asleep"

Remy Zero- Fair
"Hey, are you lonely?
Has summer gone so slowly?
We found the ground,
but that damage was done.
It's cold as you fade into the sun.
Where'd you go? To me?"

Gavin Degraw- Over-Rated
"Take my home
Take everything I own
Take it, take control
You will feel better
You will feel whole
You're so good
You stopped me where I stood
And let me look at love and I feel better
Oh, I feel good
I just want to give it all to you
I want to share this with you
Make you mine and mine will be all yours
Whatever you want and more
What I'm anticipating
Everything else will be over-rated"

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  1. Ooh this is a snapshot of our lives, it's like nothing has changed in five years and I love it! I'm making a Jax playlist immediately!