Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Retro Flair

I'm loving the resurgence of 70's fashion.  It's like, totally psychedelic.
Of all the retro/vintage items pictured above, I'm most interested in finding a decent pair of bell-bottoms.
Jeans are notoriously difficult for me, but I'm definitely on the hunt!

1.) Alexander Wang Retro Sunglasses, $325.00
2.) Urban Outfitters Tea Lovers To Go Cup, $18.00
3.) Sass & Bide Simple Not Easy printed silk maxi dress, $495.00
4.) Urban Outfitters Diana Mini with Flash en Rose Edition Camera, $120.00
5.) Fred Flare Ocean Breeze Fedora, $34.00
6.) Rag & Bone Mid-Rise Flared Jeans, $180.00
7.) Fred Flare Cornflower Canvas Dolly Bag, $38.00
9.) Modcloth Library Science Heel, $107.99
10.) Jack & Friends Crosley 1950's Pink Pay Phone, $89.95
11.) Modcloth Parisian Patisserie Top, $92.99


  1. Is that camera for real? If so, I think I might need it.

  2. Hey Jakki, thanks for your comment! Yeah, I actually just heard about those castings. Personally, I'm not crazy about Jennifer Lawrence either. She doesn't have the youthfulness or small stature, not to mention not the right hair and eye color. About Alex Pettyfer, I think that would be alright. They're also thinking of Josh Hutcherson. For Katniss, I would much more prefer Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit. What do you think? :D
    Follow my blog, please, and I'll follow yours!

  3. @Rachel: It is TOTALLY for reals. Click the link and be on your merry buying way. haha
    @Angela: I love Hailee Steinfeld, but I think they are going to cast an older actress that can pull off looking younger. Besides, I think Alex Pettyfer would look too old for Hailee. I much prefer Pettyfer to Hutcherson. In my mind, I envisioned a younger version of Mila Kunis to play Katniss, but there is no actress in young Hollywood that fits the bill. *Sigh*
    I will definitely follow you!

  4. i really wish i could have a good excuse to buy a pink pay phone. i need it!